KwaMoja - Medical

KwaMoja - Medical is a project to take the ERP functionality of KwaMoj, and merge it with the HIS (Hospital Information System) functionality from the Care2x project, creating a unified hospital administration system. This page will document the progress towards this aim.

This will be updated frequently so keep checking back for more progress.

  1. Patient Registration. New patients are registered into the system creating a permanent record that is reused each admission.

  2. Admit an outpatient. Admit a previously registered person as an outpatient.

  3. Admit an inpatient. Admit a previously registered person as an inpatient.

  4. Maintain Wards. Maintain Ward details.

  5. Maintain Ward Rooms. Maintain the details of each room within a ward, including bed details.

  6. Take patient notes. Save detailed patient notes on admission to a ward.